TOP 10 free video chat and call app

Do you still have days with a phone conference? Have you changed your mind to have video chatting? Since people have their own smartphone and they are capable of handling video chats, no wonder they are holding business via their mobiles. Actually, video chats are not only fun, it also gives an offer the chance to connect to someone else face-to-face. You realize that you often keep your smartphones so you can hold a video chat wherever you want, don’t you? If you are looking to get video chat for all phones, here are 9 suggestions of best free video chat apps you should think about.

Tango video chat is one of best free video chat app you can consider. It is very simple because it does not need any password. It is also free on iOS, Android, and Windows. If you do some business, it is not recommended.

Skype video chat and hangout video chat are recommended. Besides the typical features, you can also share emojis. viber video chat is another free video chat app that you can try. It allows group calling until about 40 participants.

What about camfrog video chat? Sure it is interesting app because you can chat with friends and family. However you can also start a chat room if you want to meet new people. Another best free video chat app are oovoo video chat app, line video chat app, peer video chat, fring video chat, qikshare video chat, google hangouts video chat, and facetime video chat.