line video calla lot today I’m gonna refusal line application and right now I’m on the sign home page home first of all about this program is that it’s very popular in Japan. I would say like almost every Japanese person has this application on you most don’t even need a cell phone. If you go to Japan because everyone has this application. The reason they have is because it’s free. It’s free to send texts free to send a call. You can have a %uh video call all it’s free, so you can download it for your PC and if you haven’t Windows 8 version Mac version and also just about every platform for the mobile version. So it’s first of all it’s free and yeah you do have to pay for calling Atlanta line

They do have that ability but for the most part you don’t it’s just for calling and texting between two South to cell phones, so was that see probably wondering how they make their money and you see the stickers home. This is this comes built in with the application as all these little stickers but on the iPhone version you have the ability to buy stickers and Japanese people are crazy about stickers they love to send the stickers in every posts that they sent a person so after many of the stickers from my Japanese friends.line sticker

so but if you look at this this is Basically how it’s laid out start setup so buskin sit desktop version pull it up and right now we’re on the add friends cream and, I’m gonna go over this real quick so basically anyone who has your phone number and has that line application installed is gonna show up in this list now. some of these people are real and some are not real because for example this person right here. Is not real they are a span bot because they sent me a link in a span the message and year so be careful about that but it’s not really common

Don’t let that turn you off to this applications not very common birds yeah do watch out. You have the ability to add people by their ID if you know it another option is QR code you can generate a code a scannable barcode. You can scan that person in to your cell phone so it’s very quick do a few iPhone has a scanner. On most japanese phones have the ability to scan Sperry. It’s a very common function and all Japanese cell phones and I’ve seen two people just can’t stand together

Put their phones in just the right way scan it and they’ve got different. So i’ve seen that its gonna time-line. Basically you can post whatever’s on your mind. You can post updates pictures whatever, so yeah that’s that’s on something you can do chats here some chat site had. It saves it it deletes it like every week or something like that home and let me just open this up so here’s the stickers what I was talking about earlier yet tons and tons the stickers this is the test I’m version so this is nowhere near the amount. stickers live on the iPhone persian yeah he’s a pretty fun. I guess city like that can stay Japanese people love these things right here and you get the ability to send files send pictures.

You kid free as just recall video call you can set up your profile 31 but you don’t have to I just use it for texting and keeping up with my Japanese friends so that’s what I use it for and you have a home page if you want to use its not optional.

I you don’t have to use as you don’t want to, but the desktop version is basically a stripped down version. The actual program which is on the which you supposed to use for the iPhone and Android, but the desktop versions very convenient and I just use it for keeping up with my friends.

So it’s not popular in America but i wanna see it popular because it’s totally free to text call people, and I think what separated from all the other applications are like it is. See you get the ability to set up your profile and comments scribe. do things like that you can also set up your group, for example he isn’t English group that I have there’s a group outsize people and assists group we talk about the English and they ask me something those questions and I answer as best as I can. So you can have the ability to set up for you group if you want so that some other features this program on with you interested in 2002 lined up in the slash.line chat app group

Download line video call and chat app : line app download


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