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With more than a hundred million registered users in over a hundred and thirty countries, and 54 million users in the United States alone, ooVoo is the world’s largest independent video chat and messaging app.

How does ooVoo market themselves to our kids? Well they claim to be the best group video calling experience.
They have super clear and crisp video calling, you can connect with friends on any device, it’s easy to start a call or a chat, and you can quickly chat and share photos with friends. ooVoo works in all of these devices: Androids, iPhones, iPods, PCs, Macs, Windows,and the Amazon fire phone. oovoo feature

What is the ooVoo age restriction?
Well ooVoo can be used by any kid thirteen years or older, and they claim that ooVoo is cool. In fact, part of their marketing is, “65 percent of our users are under the age of 25 years old.” However, it’s rated four years old and older on iTunes.

ooVoo has some popular features :

  • First, they allow free video calls
  • up to 12 people at a time, next they allow free text messaging
  • you can send text pictures and videos, next they allow for unlimited free voice calls
  • patented SuperClear & Superior Audio technology to make sure everybody is connecting live and clearly, and ooVoo works on any type of network. That means 4g, 3g, LTE, and for those parents that give their kids only a WiFi only enabled device, it’ll work on that too.

How do you create an account on ooVoo?

  • first to register you can use your email or login with your Facebook account, as you can see on the right. ooVoo will ask you to one, create an ooVoo ID, which will not be able to change later.oovoo facebook connect
  • Two, to provide your name. You can change that anytime.
  • Three, you must provide your date of birth and also your gender.

How easy is it to find friends on ooVoo?
Well ooVoo integrates with your phone’s address book, Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp friends, so it’s very easy to find people on multiple networks that you already know.

Download oovoo free video call chat app :



OOVOO for IOS (iphone / ipad / ipod)

OOVOO for Windows 7 / 8 / 10

OOVOO for Kindle fire

OOVOO for Mac


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