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How to Get in Touch with Tango Video Chat?

It is simple to use Tango Voice & Video Calls app. It lets you make free voice and video calls to other users of the app. Tango video chat does not need any password and it is free on Android, iOS, and blackberry, kindlefire.

First of all, you can call only people who also use Tango and have installed it on their mobile device or computer.

Then, if you have installed Tango on your device, tap the app to open it. It is easy to create an account. You only need to confirm your mobile number and enter your first name and email address.

Tango video chat has four tabs. They are contacts, call logs, invite, and setting. Contacts and call logs are self-explanatory. You can invite friends via email and text message using invite tabs. Then, you can use setting tabs to see and edit your account information.

If you want to make a video call using Tango, find the person and tap his or her name. You can invite them if they are on your contacts list but do not have Tango account.

Tango video chat is an interesting app for making free video and voice calls. Smartphone users like you will be helped by this app.

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